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Our story.

Katerina Anyfanti

Our story starts a few years back, in Athens city, the day we found a very special cat, named Havana. Little stray Havana really took us by surprise because of her resemblance with the blue bicolor Ragdolls, which did not exist in Greece at the time!

Thanks to our unconditional love for this cat, we started a big quest, to bring the beautiful princesses and the gorgeous princes of the Ragdoll tribe, from the 4 cardinal points of the world, here, at Perla-Dolls. We are the first Ragdoll Cattery in Greece and the most beloved housemates since 2008. When you meet a Ragdoll for the very first time, you feel charmed! Dazzled, by the amazing blue eyes and the terrific rich fur, enchanted by the noiseless moves, the frills and the sweet innocence of its approach. Yet, the impressive looks are only the beginning. All the affection of the world lies in one hug. Imagine a baby sleeping quietly with a teddy in its arms. This is how you feel once you hold your Ragdoll. When these cats choose the right person for them, they offer themselves unconditionally. They relax their muscles completely and allow you to hold them like a real ragdoll toy.

At Perla-Dolls, Ragdolls are our family, we adore and respect them. In each cat, we see a unique personality, every meow has a different sound and every kitten born here is our child, even after it moves to its own home. We take their proper breeding very seriously. We give our best for them, just like they do for us every day we live together. After years of effort and selective breeding, we are proud of our thoroughbred Ragdolls, awarded all over the world and praised by other breeders and Ragdoll lovers!

There are many different stories about how this American breed’s existence started. Whatever the secret, it’s definitely the most genetically successful ‘recipe’, the one that blends dreams with love and beauty! No matter how many Ragdoll pictures you have seen, you can’t understand their “magic”, until you actually hug one! Meet our cats, precious like diamonds, and choose your own Ragdoll, your own diamond.

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