Adoption FAQs.

If you decided 100% that you want to share your life with a ragdoll and you want a Perla Dolls ragdoll to fulfil this dream, then follow the steps below.

As we don’t have available kittens at any moment of the year, we are working with applications and a waiting list.


  • Pet neutered: 1500 
  • Show neutered: 2000 
  • Breeding female: €4000-€5000

No males for breeding (only on extremely rare occasions).

Step #1

Fill in the kitten application here.

Step #2

We will arrange a video call to meet each other, talk about your ideal kitten and answer any questions you might have. 

Step #3

If everything goes smoothly, you can place a deposit for the kitten’s waiting list. People entering the waiting list with a confirmed deposit have priority in getting a kitten. Please before you send a deposit make sure you understand the cattery’s policy *.

Step #4

Kitten updates! You can enter our mailing list here. We will announce the new litters, our plans, updates and useful tips.

Step #5

Once your kitten reaches 2 months old, you will be invited to meet it in person at our house. If you live abroad, we will have another video call to see the kitten’s progress. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY APPOINTMENTS BEFORE KITTENS ARE AT LEAST TWO MONTHS OLD. 

This is the time you should start preparing your house and getting your supplies (see the shortlist at step 6). You can find most of the things at our supplier here.

Start getting all your kitten supplies ready for when your kitten comes home. Please check out my Ragdoll Care page.

Book an appointment with a veterinarian. Start looking for a veterinarian to take your new kitten to for a health exam. Many veterinarians have busy schedules, so I suggest booking an appointment at least 10 days before your kitten’s home date, which is at 14 weeks of age. Your kitten must be seen by a veterinarian within 72 hours of you taking possession of it. 

Make sure you are ready for the pick-up or delivery of your kitten. I do not offer shipping, so you must pick up your kitten from my home in Athens, Greece, or hire a pet flight nanny to bring the kitten to you. People from other countries may apply for my kittens, but they still must arrange the kitten’s delivery themself. I can help with tips and refer trusted people as flight nannies, but the arrangement must be done by you. 

Step #6

Finally, the day has come to take your dreamy kitten to your home! You need to have already:

  • cat tree/cat scratch at least 1.60 m of height no less 
  • food supplies 
  • litter tray/ litter scoop/ litter sand 
  • a really good veterinary 
  • tons of toys and
  • a pet carrier for your kitten

The payment must be settled already via a bank account.

The contract must be signed already before pick-up and you must take all measures to make your house cat-friendly and safe for your best friend.


The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. All money paid to the cattery is non-refundable or transferable to another kitten.

For every week of delay in picking up the kitten, there is a fee of €150.

Kittens should not be declawed or resold.

Kittens should not be used for breeding purposes if the contract is not with breeding rights.

Every kitten has one owner, no-co ownership is allowed. If people get divorced, the legitimate owner takes the cat. The owner is the person who has a contract with Perla Dolls Cattery and the cat is their responsibility.

If the buyer can no longer live with the kitten, they should contact the cattery immediately to find the best solution for the kitten. Giving the cat to another person without the cattery’s written permission is prohibited.

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